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Whether you need a complete TEKS-correlated
curriculum, extra activities to engage your students to supplement your current
curriculum, 1416 tutorial activities to fulfill state requirements, or you are
a homeschooling parent, the Teach BIG Teacher Store is for you!

 We are thrilled to be able to offer all aspects of
English Language Arts: reading comprehension, constructed written response,
editing, revising, grammar, phonics, and vocabulary are all now at your

 To round out the amazingness of the Teach BIG Teacher
Store, we also offer practice passages complete with questions and answers.
These are printable and come complete with answer keys and TEKS correlations.
You can choose your grade level as well as science, social studies, or fine
arts passages. They can be purchased individually or in bundles of four. Each
of the bundles has a thematic thread.

 We also have a host of Spanish products which have been
authentically translated for your students.

 In conclusion, you can explore a myriad of room
decorations, children’s books, and study guides for children’s literature.

 Our prices start from absolutely free. Most items on our
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New products are added every week!!!

All of our products are developed by Randi Whitney and her elite team of educators and experts.

Expect only the highest quality from
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 Enjoy navigating the Teach BIG Teacher Store for a
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From the people
From the people
When my principal asked me to teach writing this year I of course said yes, but I was honestly scared to death and did not want to do it at all. I had no idea how to teach writing! I’ve never liked writing. I’ve never been great at writing. I love to use kinesthetic and hands-on learning in my classroom. How in the world was I going to do that with writing? Randi showed us how to do exactly that. Who knew writing could be so interactive and so much fun? I certainly didn’t. After walking away from this workshop, I am EXCITED to teach writing this year. I can’t wait to show my kids all the cool activities that I have learned!
— Katie Lasater Duff
From the people
can’t wait to implement these activities and games with my students. Teach Big understands the importance of engaging students!
— Alice Gore Fraley
From the people
How often is one able to return from professional development and immediately drop what you have learned into your lessons, effectively? Visit Teach Big, and it will become a realty. Randi Whitney and crew can not only help you to bring the joy of literature and writing to your students, but no one knows more about TEKS and just what your kiddos will need to know for the ELA STAAR than the Teach Big crew. They are obsessive - and you can benefit from it! Buy the books, get the lessons, and if you can - visit a retreat. I have never attended a more useful professional development, and that is a fact.
— Marcelle Kough, Resource ELA, Manor Middle School, Killeen, Texas
From the people
I absolutely LOVE Teach Big. It has been a game changer in my classroom. My students are finally understanding how to annotate using CARS. It has increased their comprehension of of text two fold. Read and Rock has also played a huge role in my classroom. It’s been helpful in identifying what type of question they were working with. They also enjoy singing the chants as they figure out what type of sentence they are working with. It has definitely benefited my class in the most positive way. Randi Whitney really makes your learning fun and enjoyable. If your school or district wants some fun and relaxing learning with the cutest animals in the world and the smartest dog, Smiley, please sign up for Teach Big. You will thank me later.
— Mary Smith, Manor Middle School, Killeen ISD

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